Wellbeing in the workplace

Companies are realising the cost that ill health is having on their workforce

Woman’s Health Report, Sept 2019

Combined costs from worklessness and sickness absence amount to around £100 billion annually, so there is also a strong economic case for action

Government Guidance - Health matters: health and work, published 31 January 2019

Do you want to

  • Reduce stress-related absenteeism in your teams?
  • Reduce staff turnover?
  • Attract and retain the best staff?
  • Increase productivity and creative problem solving?
  • Create a good place to work that rewards employees?

Nature & Nourish can work with you to give your teams time-tested, research-backed health and wellbeing tools that are easily incorporated into today’s workplace. Our personal experience of working in the corporate, business and the third sectors make us well-placed for creating practical wellbeing strategies for your organisation.

When integrated into a workplace wellness program, Ayurveda — an ancient Indian medical tradition promoting optimal digestion, better sleep, and less stress — provides employees with a healthier, more balanced life, which in turn leads to increased productivity, reduced health care costs, and less absenteeism.

Using the Nature & Nourish three-step approach of:

  • Prioritising self-care
  • Building a 360 degree awareness of wellbeing
  • Choosing the right tools and approach to create balance

we can adapt our self-care approach based in Ayurveda, yoga and mindfulness to tailor sessions that address your organisation’s unique issues. These timeless yet modern tools are easy to introduce, add value are cost effective and get results. We offer:

  • Short introductory sessions that can be included in existing events such as team building days
  • Longer, more in-depth programmes from half a day to regular weekly sessions

… nearly half (45%) of employers now having a defined wellbeing strategy in place – up from less than a third [two years earlier]

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If you want to be part of the growing trend for wellbeing in the workplace, contact us to get more information how we can help you find wellbeing solutions for you and your teams.